Anal-Loving Asian

Anal-Loving Oriental

Anal-Loving Asian

Jayden, the word around town is that u like butts.

“I do! I do not think there is anything hotter than a beauty or a boy with a good, round booty. It’s always the first thing I watch when I check someone out. I guess u could say I’ve a bit of a wazoo fetish. And it’s not just when it comes to other people, either. I love having my arse played with. I’ve a collection of ass plugs and anal beads, and I guess that anal-copulation is god’s gift to dude…and lady! Nothing acquires me off harder than a hard one up my tight, little gazoo.”

How did u first receive into anal dance?

“Even previous to I identified out that people had a-hole slam, I had been curious about it. Before I knew much about sex I would play with my gazoo a lot when I masturbated, and I thought I was unconventional cuz of that. When I found out that people are actually into anal play I was so relieved, and I knew I had to try it one day. I did it with my first partner and have been hooked on it ever since.”

U sound love a freaky ravishing heart! How often do you do anal?

Each time u shag? “I don’t do anal each time I shag. But I do it somewhat frequently. When I am really turned on is when I like to do it. So if I’m screwing a fellow and the sex is just whatever, then I’m not plan to do anal with him. But if we’re screwing and I am getting really into it and cumming like bonkers, then I crave to receive fucked in the wazoo. It just depends on how horny u can make me. I don’t discriminate on shlong size either. Smaller ones are okay ‘coz they’re easier, but I’ll gladly let a truly hung lad put it in my butt so long as this gent can work it.”

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