Ali Morrison – Cum Break

Cum Break

Cum Break

Ali is a skillful at mixing business and joy. Although Ali is still in high school, she’s been working in an office for a hardly any years. Unlike her less skilled coeds, this babe is no stranger to overtime and late nights. “Sometimes I’d have a ton of work to do, and I would end up staying truly late. The office would be completely dead. I can’t just work for hours and hours straight, so I’d take a break and masturbate. One time I even got naked just ‘cuz I could. It gave me such a monumental rush!”

A quickie helps Ali get back on track. “I know it might sound backwards, but I am so much more productive after masturbating! I am experienced to focus. It is a great way to relieve stress!” Actually it’s, Ali! We think it’s great that at such a youthful age Ali already has a powerful work ethic. Although we do not know if her employers would accede with her unusual methods for productivity

Masturbating in the office is one thing. But what about fucking? “Yeah, I absolutely fucked my boss on his desk,” Ali admitted. “And on the breakroom counter. And next to the filing cabinet. That is some other benefit of working late. You can receive away with all kinds of ram!” Ali has a thing for older, strong bucks, so it was merely a matter of time in advance of this babe group rogered her boss. “As in a short time as I saw him, I knew we were gonna fuck. Thank god for those late nights!”

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