Adria – Biggest Flirt

Huge Flirt

Biggest Flirt

Adria, what kind of beauty were you in school?
“I guess I was popular, but I was too a priceless scholar. I did lots of extracurricular activities. I was on the first-year student council, in year-book and in the Future Business Leaders of USA. I had plenty of friends, but lots of gals too didn’t adore me. It might have had smth to do with me being voted monumental flirt. That was kind of a gag, since I was in yearbook, but it was kind of true.”

Were you stealing boyfriends?
“Not intentionally! I am just really friendly with everybody, and I suppose studs like that. I hooked up a lot, but so did everyone else. Although I receive to admit, I was beautiful affable with the football team. I think I saw just about all of their dongs.”

Would u have been voted the giant floozy?
“There might have been several beauties who would’ve got that vote in advance of me, but I was probably a candidate! I didn’t have sex with every lady-killer, but every weekend there was definitely schlong mouthing and bawdy cleft eating going on.”

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