A very young BBC for April Skyz

A very juvenile BBC for April Skyz

A very young BBC for April Skyz

April Skyz, a 42-year-old wife, cougar and web digital camera cutie who lives in Florida, sucks and copulates 21-year-old John’s greater than typical dark knob in her return to 40SomethingMag.com. April, a self-described geek, loves watching porn with her partner, and her knowledge of porn comes throughout in this scene. Notice that when she sucks John’s cock, this babe makes saliva strings. Saliva strings are definitely a porno move.

“I discuss porn with my close friends but not everyone,” April told. “I would say in the universe of older, more mature people, it’s just frowned upon to talk about certain things. I came from a more-conservative job, and depending on where I worked, it was either acceptable or unacceptable to talk about things love, ‘My husband and I’ve porn Fridays.’ Some people would look at me love I was avid.”

Porn Fridays. We adore the idea of that, although we adore to have Porn Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays…you get the drift.

“Some people go out and party or go to a lap dancing club, and my boyfriend and I will always joke about the fact that it’s porn Friday for us,” April told. “We’ll pull up some kind of porn. It could be homemade porn or something else we want to view. So yes, it is a tradition in my household.”

And guess what April and her husband observed on their most-recent Porn Friday? Yep, her first XXX scene at 40SomethingMag.com. And guess what they’re plan to look at on their next Porn Friday? U guessed it!

It have to be a lot of enjoyment being April’s hubby.

“I love blow jobs,” April told. “It’s love, I wish to acquire to know that wang previous to I stick it in my vagina. And that is the topmost way to need to know a penis first. You can tell what it likes a little bit more. U can tell that it smells worthwhile, tastes fine. You are inspecting it previous to it goes inside. So I like to give blow jobs just so I can learn what a boy loves and figure that out.”

April swallows, by the way. As you’re about to watch.

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