Annellise Croft – She’s the boss

That babe is the boss

She's the boss

In this scene, 51-year-old Annellise Croft is the boss and Tarzan is her employee. He’s been trickling some numbers for her. The numbers we’re interested in are 36DDD-26-36. Yeah, we know, that is a mixture of numbers and letters, but let us not acquire picky.

This babe is sexy in the office so that babe takes off her jacket. This babe is wearing a taut, cleavage-revealing top. Annellise asks Tarzan if this chab thinks her shirt is likewise tight. He thinks this babe should be glamour modeling the shirt for sales purposes. That babe takes off her skirt to flaunt him the matching thongs. Apparently, they’re in the clothes business. Annellise is interested in marketing. Tarzan is interested in fucking.

Annellise catches him staring at her nipples. “Is there a problem?” this babe asks. The problem is that this chab has a stiffy. That problem becomes an asset when Annellise sucks and screws his weenie then jacks it onto her beautiful face.

Annellise is a breasty blonde. That babe is a Mother and grandmother. This babe is one of our favorites around here.

“I think about sex a lot those days,” this babe said. “Watching porn, getting my areolas sucked, the list goes on. I have done my share of experimenting. I guess my majority atypical experience was a 3some with a pair in a hawt tub. I love sex in hot tubs. I am definitely an exhibitionist who totally likes to pose in front of a digi camera, but I had not at all done anything like this until I came here.”

We’re very cheerful she did. So is Tarzan.

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Madison Paige – Anal on demand

Anal on demand

Anal on demand

When we asked 46-year-old first-timer Madison Paige what she urges to do that she’s never done, this babe said, “Climb a waterfall.” We’re not exactly sure how that is done, but we’re sure Madison will find a way. Will that babe receive succulent doing it? Certainly. Madison is always succulent.

When we asked Madison what that babe wanted to do when she visited our studio, this babe said, “Get ass-fucked by one of your studs.”

We definitely discovered a way to make that happen. As it turned out, Madison did anal one as well as the other days that babe was in our studio. The second day, that babe took a large, darksome strapon up her constricted gazoo, but that is a story for some other day.

Madison is divorced. That babe was born in Rhode Island and lives in Florida. This babe has bigger in size than typical milk sacks and three piercings on her vagina. 2 decorate her cunt lips. The other decorates her clit, so if u go down on Madison, there’ll be almost certainly about where you’re supposed to stick your tongue.

Of course, u could tongue her darksome hole if you’d adore. She’d be valuable with that.

Madison enjoys billiards, boating, riding motorcycles, gardening in the nude, shopping and getting rogered in her gazoo. Not in that dictate.

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Jordan Nevaeh – Family Dynamics

Family Dynamics

Family Dynamics

Born: February Twenty
Height: 5′
Panties: Hawt cotton
Occupation: Auto parts store clerk
Spit or swallow: Mostly spit
Favorite position: On back with legs up on guy’s shoulders
Anal: Just with a toy. Haven’t tried with a real pecker

“My ex-boyfriend’s divorced, bi sexual Mother took the images during our Miami vacation,” said Jordan. “She taught me how to take up with the tongue her clitoris and finger her and this babe says I am great at it. This babe acquires me off so precious! If this babe had a penis, I would marry her. That would make water off her son, I’m sure, but I don’t indeed give a fuck. This chab was an anal opening. His Mommy even tells me that. I am not homo now, I just love licking twat…not as much as I adore sucking pecker, though!”

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Kharlie Stone – BFF Three-way

BFF Three-way

BFF Three-way

These two brunette hair coquettes commence off making out and end up sharing a pecker. ‘cuz BFFs do everything jointly. Now that they’ve tasted every other’s snatches and rogered the same weenie at the same time, they’re closer than ever. “You always hear about a lad and a goddess taking their friendship to some other level,” told Kharlie. “But that is what Lexy and I did by having this three-way. Now we’re three-way partners. If I ever wanna have a threesome she’s my go-to gal.”

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Annellise Croft – No business, all pleasure

No business, all pleasure

No business, all pleasure

Doesn’t Annellise look fetching in that white business suit she is wearing? She looks so spruce, so executive-like. It’s not how we’re used to seeing her. We’re used to seeing her with her bigger than average wobblers popping without her bra and her nipples sharp and inflexible and her 51-year-old love tunnel either widen and ready for wang or filled with rod.

Ah, don’t worry. That’ll come later. Tarzan will manhandle her larger than standard wobblers. This woman chaser will engulf on her teats. This chab will receive his jock sucked and copulate that cookie. This chab will come on Annellise’s charming face. ‘coz that is how we roll around here.

But it was worthwhile to see Annellise in regular-woman wear, was not it? After all, that babe is a Mommy and grandmother. It is not like that babe walks around screwing all day. Although she would if that babe could.

Annellise measures 36DDD-26-36. Outstanding. Her accent is an interesting mix of Southern United States and British. This babe works in animal shelters and owns a few rescue dogs. She’s been to a scarcely any swinging married couples clubs but has never truly partaken in the action. This babe is amiable. That babe is worthwhile. And she is hawt. That is a great combination.

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Savannah Steele – The hottest mom

The hottest Mama

The hottest mom

Watch the outfit 44-year-old Savannah is wearing here? It is not just for the camera. That babe dresses love this in real life, also.

“If u view my Twitter account, u can watch all the sexy outfits I like to wear,” that babe said.

Savannah definitely doesn’t costume adore a frumpy Mommy. Skimpy lingerie, low-cut tops, snug dresses and mini skirts all make up her wardrobe.

“They say u shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but in my case, that isn’t true. I adore to dress love a whore and it is coz I love to act love a slut likewise. I don’t think there’s everything not right with that.”

Her kids might think otherwise. This babe has two teenage children. Their allies call her a SEXY HOUSEWIFE. She’s a SEXY HOUSEWIFE.

“Forget about wrinkles or grey hair. The real thing that long-time u is dressing love a school marm. I’d watch some of the mammas when I drop my kids off at school, and they looked like they hadn’t gotten cock in a million years. I wear my sexuality on my sleeve, and I guess that’s what keeps me juvenile. Maybe some people think that means I try too stiff, but I am just doing what feels fine and comes natural to me. And I guess I look gorgeous fine, so can u blame me?”

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Michelle Taylor – Dreams Cum True!

Dreams Cum True!

Dreams Cum True!

Michelle’s king-size dream in the world is to become a world-famous adult model. Cuz we’re nice men here, we decided to make her dreams come true! So we set up a gorgeous photoshoot for her and oiled up her taut, young body. She obviously loved it!

“I’ll try anything one time,” Michelle told us. “That’s how my boyfriend has convinced me to do some truly perverted shit. Like the time this Lothario rogered my face for the first time. I was worried about the mess, so we decided to do it in the shower. At 1st, this woman chaser was actually gentle and I was kind of getting bored. Then, as he started getting more into it, this chab picked up the pace. Eventually, his cock was ramming my throat and my eyes were watering. He had my head in his hands and he was treating my mouth love a muff.”

“I’m naturally flexible. My astronomical dream is for my husband to action like Christian Grey from Fifty Shades. I crave him to use me.”

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