Sadistra – Sadistra’s Smooth Pussy

Sadistra’s Smooth Cookie

Sadistra's Smooth Pussy

Lives: Riga, Latvia; Occupation: Dancer; Age: Twenty four; Born: November 23; Ht: 5’5″; Wt: 119 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Everything cute; Anal: I keep trying; BJs: I gargle, then spit; Masturbate: Hell yep!

We do not acquire likewise many angels from Sadistra’s neck of the woods. That’s likewise bad because we hear Latvian girls are beautiful hawt and willing for action. We wanted to know how Sadistra learned about our little magazine, so we sent her an email. “I am from Latvia, but I grew up in Great Britain with my family,” Sadistra told us. “We moved home when my father had a valuable business opportunity. It was difficult to leave my allies, but I identified a nice way to make the finest of things. I just started go out with plenty of the guys here.”

“Before I left UK, I was dating a boy who loved your mag. This chab especially loved the curly girls that u publish. He kept trying to get me to grow my pubic hair, but I refused. I do not identify it hot. It is priceless for gals who desire that, but it is not for me. I discover my smooth muff so much more attractive and sexy. I haven’t heard any complaints from the boyz here in Latvia. In fact, I have had tons of boys here tell me that they have not at all observed a bald pussy before. I suppose they are telling the truth ‘coz of how enthusiastically they eat me out. It’s breathtaking!”

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Cammille Austin – Busty, pierced and slutty

Busty, pierced and lewd

Busty, pierced and amorous<b></b>” title=”Busty, pierced and sexually excited<b></b>” src=”” /></a> 
<p class=Cammille is the sort of goddess who acquires our blood flowing to all of the right places. At a vivacious 56, it appears she’s solely just hitting her sexual prime and she–with the full support of her husband–is indulging her deepest urges with childlike delight.

40SOMETHING: Is this the 1st time you’ve modeled professionally?
CAMMILLE: That is right. I have done some home clips and things like that, but by no means in a expert studio like this.

40SOMETHING: So what made u take the jump to shoot with us?
CAMMILLE: It’s exciting. And I’d need to say it makes my sex life with my partner more thrilling, also. He loves it. This petticoat chaser likes to check out.

40SOMETHING: So what influenced you to begin making home episodes?
CAMMILLE: Really, it was my spouse. We just started experimenting in the bedroom. It started with pix, and then we moved on to clips. We would call up some of his allies, and this chab would tape us while we had sex. We actually enjoyed it and just kept on doing it.

40SOMETHING: So tell us a little bit more about yourself.
CAMMILLE: Well, I’m from Arkansas, and it’s a very conservative area. I guess we’re classified as the “Bible Strap.” It is a petite community, so if people at home saw me here they would be shocked. Very shocked.

40SOMETHING: What’s your occupation back home?
CAMMILLE: I am a surgical nurse. I really work in the operating room with my partner.

40SOMETHING: Do u and your hubby consider yourselves swinging married couples?
CAMMILLE: No, I don’t think you could call us swinging married couples. The rule at our abode is that he shares me, but I do not share him. He’s stuck with me.

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Chloe Parker – Capital Cunt

Capital Cookie

Capital Cunt

Age: Thirty one; Born: Oct. 14; Ht: 5’4″; Wt: 100 lbs.; Bras: 34A;

Panties: Usually none; Anal: Yeah; BJs: Drink; Lives: Washington, DC; Occupation: Government clerk.

Chloe likes getting wild with all of the minor political celebrities in Washington. “I’ve fooled around in places where I do not think someone but senators and their mistresses have ever done anything. It is truly sexy to be somewhere so restricted and off-limits and fooling around, giving a oral stimulation or smth. I one time jerked a buck off throughout his khakis while we were on a private travel of the capitol building. I made him cum in his trousers during the time that he pretended to be looking at art.”

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Alice Green – Debaucherous Anal Lesson

Debaucherous Anal Lesson

Debaucherous Anal Lesson

The sex coach is at it another time, and little Alice’s slit doesn’t stand a chance against this MILF’s lustful lesson. Alice is the picture of legal age teenager succulence with her recent, dewy skin, natural red hair and slender-yet-budding body. We can see why Sasha urges to debauch her cookie. This babe shoves the little ginger’s face into her bra-busters and between her legs and guides her head up and down as she sucks dick. By the end of this lesson, Alice will be the preeminent legal age teenager sucker ever. And as if this scene weren’t already hawt sufficient, Sasha takes it up a notch by guiding the stud’s penis straight into Alice’s rectal hole. Sasha actually is the ultimate teacher ever.

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Harley Summers – Rich Girl Gets Stuffed

Rich Angel Receives Stuffed

Rich Girl Acquires Stuffed

Occupation: Artist; Age: Thirty; Born: June Eighteen; Ht: 5’8″; Wt: 125 pounds; Bras: 34C; Panties: Panties if I must; Anal: It is ok; BJs: Spit; Masturbate: Each single day!

“I’ve by no means indeed had to work for specie,” trust-funder Harley said us. “I’m very fortunate to have wealthy parents who look after me. That is left me to search what matters almost all to me, which is having a valuable time! And for me, a fine time means sex. I lost my virginity to a boy leaving for the military the next day in my daddy’s home office. I wasn’t in like or everything. I was using him. I at not time spoke to him afresh, indeed. After that, I was hooked on getting off. I had sex one time in a boat on the Atlantic. I’ve had sex on the beach more times than I can count. In fact, I’ve achieved all of my carnal fantasies except one. That’s why I am here to have sex on-camera with a porn guy. I cant expect to do it!”

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Ginger Black – What’s on Ginger’s hard drive?

What’s on Ginger’s rock hard drive?

What's on Ginger's rock hard drive?

Ginger Dark, a 41-year-old M.I.L.F. from Recent Jersey (this babe lives in Los Angeles), is having trouble with her laptop computer. It’s just not working, so this babe asks Mr. Mac to fix it. But when Mr. Mac begins looking around inside her subrigid drive, this chab comes up with some saucy photos of Ms. Dark.

“I do some cam-modeling,” Ginger tells him. “Maybe u can aid me. Would u love to be on-camera?

Hey, anything to get over here a brickhouse piece of booty love Ginger. She’s a blond with worthwhile, large love melons and a bigger than run of the mill, firm a-hole. This babe has the kind of body that can take a pounding, and Mr. Mac–alias JMac–bangs her inflexible previous to he squirts his juice all over her pretty face.

Ginger used to be a discharged hotty. You know, one of these beauties who goes around a bar or club selling shots.

“The sexier I looked, the more tips I got,” that babe told.

Ginger looked very sexy when we detected her on an Internet site for prospective adult models.

“I wanted to try smth fresh,” that babe told.

Fucking hung bucks on-camera is something new for Ms. Darksome, who’s divorced and has 2 children.

“I have been swinging since my 20’s,” that babe said. “My wildest experience was at a lap dancing club called Role Play when I was the center of attention of a bang with multiple men and hotty’s. Majority people I know wouldn’t be surprised to see me here. They know I have a wild side. I love being fastened up and blindfolded. I like to engulf knob. I’ve sex at least twice a day. I was the host of a group-sex party with 10 men. I’m constantly trying recent things, the kinkier the more astonishing.”

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Emilie – Tall & Toned Sugar Baby

Tall & Toned Sugar Baby

Tall & Toned Sugar Baby

Lives: Art student/model; Age: Twenty; Born: October 10; Ht: 6′; Wt: 156 pounds; Bras: 32B; Panties: Knickers; Anal: Licking and fingering; BJs: Drink it down! Masturbate: Yep.

“I am not originally from the United States,” Emilie told us. This babe did not must fill us in on that little gem, we knew from the moment we got her on the phone. Her accent is marvelous thick. “I was born in Riga, Latvia, but I moved to Recent York several years agone to try to become a model. It didn’t work out for me. The photographers, agents, and assistants would try to copulate me. They would tell me that it was the only way to become a large star. I refused! I donot mind sleeping with people, but I’m not a doxy! I will not trade my body for cash.”

We receive many girls sending us pictures for the overweight checks we pay, but that’s not what Emilie was after. We asked her why she sent us these images of her gaping twat and adorably rectal hole. “I am now dating a smooth operator who takes care of me. That man has given me everything I could have wanted. He’s supporting me while I study, too. I am so in love! The merely problem is that this chab has a wife. This chab says this chab is intend to dump her for me pretty soon, but I don’t wanna await. This chab mentioned one time that this chap has always enjoyed your magazine and once attempted to get his wife to submit pictures. That babe did not do it. This babe doesn’t love him sufficient, but I do!”

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